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Introducing Cartridge Discount’s Young Writers Competition

All glory comes from daring to begin.” – Ruskin Bond, Scenes from a Writer’s Life.

Do you work in a school and know children who love to write? Are you a parent who wants your child’s teacher to encourage creativity? If so, we’ve launched the perfect competition for young creatives to get rewarded for their writing.

Crafting a good story can be one of the most exhilarating experiences of a young person’s school years. Their imagination can conjure up tales of dragons and wizards or think up a plot about detectives and robbers. Whatever they can come up with, we’re keen to see the worlds that young writers can create.

Here at Cartridge Discount, we’re running a creative writing competition to see who can craft the most entertaining story. Aimed at schoolchildren, our competition is for tales written to a maximum of 500 words (or 3 pages of our worksheet) and will award any budding authors with up to £75 worth of book vouchers! Entries won’t be judged on handwriting but we encourage children to write as neatly as they can.

If you have a budding Shakespeare, Tolkien, Rowling or a Hemingway in your class, this is a competition you don’t want them to miss. To request an entry pack, email: competition@cartridgediscount.co.uk.

Entries should be handwritten and mailed to:

Mediaworks Online Marketing Ltd.
Unit 11A Princesway North,
Team Valley Trading Estate,
Tyne & Wear,NE11 0NF
United Kingdom

Alternatively, entries can be scanned and emailed to the email address above. All entries will be read, enjoyed and then judged accordingly before winners are picked.

So teachers, start printing out the workbooks because entries must be in before 5pm on the 13th of June 2015. The prizes are as follows:

  • 1st place — £75 book voucher
  • 2nd place — £50 book voucher
  • 3rd place — £25 book voucher

If you’re not a teacher but want to get your child involved, we encourage you to send this post or a copy of the poster to your child’s teacher.

The competition reflects Cartridge Discount’s ongoing relationship with the public. Not only do we supply schools, government departments, the NHS and educational establishments, we also try to encourage participation in all things print. For any queries please telephone 08456439782.

Office resolutions for 2015

Can’t face the gym? Putting off starting your latest diet? It’s the same year after year, so why not make 2015 different?

This year, make a more effective New Year’s resolution and vow to become more office-savvy. Here’s how you do it…

Go greener

Like many offices, you’ll probably find you go through paper quickly. If you’re not currently recycling in your office, where have you been!?

Rather than tossing waste paper away with general rubbish, you should invest in specifically designed recycling bins. Colour-coded bins will make it easier to sort your office’s recyclable material. Inform all staff members of the changes to ensure they follow suit.

It’s even possible to recycle your old printer cartridges too. At Cartridge Discount, we offer an empty cartridge recycling scheme. Preventing your cartridges from going to landfill, you can send your empty ones back to us for recycling. For each cartridge you send us, we make a donation to Cancer Research UK — find out more here.

Save money

Did your office costs spiral out of control in 2014? If so, it’s time to reign in your expenditure in 2015.

Simple choices like switching PCs off at night, unplugging laptops once fully charged and heating the office periodically can save you money on your energy bill. Positioning desks and workspaces in an area with lots of natural light will help minimise the need for electric lighting.

If you are investing in new technology, choose the most energy-efficient models to keep costs down. This may mean spending a little bit more initially but it can save you money in the long run.

Boost morale

Happy staff make for a happy office. With the right attitude, you can help boost employee morale.

Complimenting staff members on a job well done and supplying sweet treats will help make your staff feel appreciated. Arranging staff trips or nights out will give workers something to look forward to, as well as helping to improve working relationships.

Go flexible

Long gone are the days when office workers were cooped up in cubicles. Nowadays, our working style is becoming increasingly flexible thanks to the growth of laptops and mobile devices.

Creating a flexible working environment, where users can work from any location in the office, can aid creativity and group work. A more relaxed atmosphere will help staff feel more at ease too. It’s definitely worth considering, although this working style is not for everyone.

How will you improve office life this year?

Printers and portability: A match made in heaven?

It’s no secret that the way we use technology is changing. In times gone by, clumpy PCs with large monitors and bulky towers occupied the homes of a select few and were envied by many.

Fast-forward to the present day and technology is widespread. Nowadays, the market is largely dominated by laptops, tablets and smartphones. In fact, as reported by The Independent, there are now around 7.22 billion mobile devices in the world — more than the earth’s total population.

As technology has evolved, so have our computing accessories. But will the humble printer go the same way as the floppy disk? Find out below…

Wireless printers

In the past, the desktop PC and inkjet printer went hand in hand. Now that mobile devices have replaced our PCs, how we print is changing.

Printers typically connect to PCs through USB ports. With many tablet devices lacking this kind of port, users have to find new ways of connecting their gadgets together. This usually involves using a wireless printer.

To use this kind of printer, all you need to do is connect your mobile device and printer to your wireless network. The network will then act as the ‘cable’, connecting your gadgets, enabling you to print anywhere in your wireless range.

Many printers already have AirPrint capability. This specialist software developed by Apple enables you to print directly from your iOS device without the need to install drivers. To find out if your printer is AirPrint-ready, check out this list.

It can be more difficult to connect non-Apple devices and older wireless printers without AirPrint functionality. However, there are apps that can help, such as PrintCentral and PrintBureau.

Portable printers

Taking wireless printers to the next generation, Epson has recently launched a new portable inkjet printer: the WF-100W. As the world’s lightest and smallest inkjet printer, it offers wireless connectivity and USB charging functions.

It’s perfectly suited for use by businesspeople on the go, enabling them to print and sign contracts while travelling or commuting.

A new age of smartphone printers is currently emerging too. These compact models, like the Instax SHARE Smartphone SP-1, enable users to print their images on the go.

The floppy disk became extinct, but the printer is evolving to meet our changing digital needs. More useful and convenient than ever before, we expect the printer to become even more indispensable in the coming years.


5 of the best printable Christmas activities for children

With the Christmas holidays looming, excitement is at fever pitch. If you’re struggling to keep the kids occupied until Santa’s arrival, don’t worry! We have the perfect solution.

We’ve rounded up five of the very best printable Christmas activities for children. Simply print them out and watch as your little ones have hours of fun — you might even get some Christmas wrapping done!

1)     Christmas writing paper

If you have a budding JK Rowling on your hands, this printable is for you! Activity Village’s Christmas story paper is perfect for getting your kids’ creative juices flowing, allowing them to pen their very own Christmas bestseller.

Your kids can take inspiration from the fun colouring image featured on the sheet, or come up with their own unique tale. They could even use it to write their own messages to Santa Claus.

2)     Candy cane tree decorations

Is your tree looking a bit bare? Does it lack a personal touch? Get the kids to create these super-cool candy cane tree decorations.

They’re really simple to create and all you’ll need is a printer, some scissors, sticky tape and some ribbon. You’ll find full, easy-to-follow instructions here — remember to supervise the little ones when they’re cutting!

3)     Frozen colouring pages

Frozen has captured the hearts of millions of children—and some adults too! For those parents who’ve seen the DVD one too many times, we’ve hunted down the best Frozen colouring pages. They’ll love every minute and you won’t have to hear “Do you want to build a snowman?” for the hundredth time!

There are plenty of designs to choose from here, featuring all of their favourites like Elsa, Anna and Olaf.

4)     Nativity scene

It’s easy for kids to get carried away at this time of year, becoming overwhelmed with presents, decorations and lights. Remind them of the true meaning of Christmas with this cool printable nativity scene.

Easy and fun to create, the scene looks really impressive when complete. You can even make a homemade stable from a cardboard box to finish it off.

5)     Christmas puzzles

If colouring sheets just won’t cut it, check out the selection of Christmas puzzles at DLTK. There’s everything from anagrams to crosswords, mazes and more, so there’s plenty to keep them occupied on a wintry afternoon!

What printable activities will your kids be doing this Christmas?